I enjoyed working for Scott as his UX manager. Scott has keen people skills, solid grasp of departmental issues and great organizational skills. I always received quick, intelligent feedback from Scott on documents and in meetings. I hope to be able to work with or for Scott in the future.
— David Pfeiffer - Senior UX/Information Architect / Strategist

about me

Fiercely dedicated to building harmonious, agile creative teams that are extremely effective in delivering solid, timely, and profitable creative concepts. I’m focused on user-centered design and experience for digital and interactive creative content, specifically for the social, retail, and e-commerce consumer channels.

I've developed web, print, product, branding, trade show graphics, interactive content, and more in deadline-intensive scenarios for consumer engagement in e-commerce, education, publishing, and advertising throughout my career.  In collaboration within team scenarios, I develop compelling, persuasive concepts to drive conversion, ramp up revenue, and improve customer experience.

From product development in the children’s market, interactive games, and retail websites for leisure products like costumes and party supplies, my finger is on the pulse of what triggers engagement. I do this through smart creative strategy and direction, solid user experience, data gathering, analysis, rigorous testing, and continuous improvement, while never forgetting to have fun throughout the process. I instill these convictions in my team members to the benefit of the team itself and the company as a whole.

Happiest when I'm working with creative individuals who are as enthusiastic about what they do as I am, my leadership style is respectful, fostering, and cohesive. I build motivated, results-oriented talent with high retention while remaining transparent and honest in my communication at all levels within an organization.  For more detailed information on my skill set, please visit the page skills/expertise.  See my LinkedIn profile.

Beyond my professional interests, I'm a wildly passionate father of three daughters, an avid skier, drummer, hiker, and handyman. I currently reside in Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

scott mowry

e: scott@mowry.com

p: 570.815.4656

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