Scott knocked my socks off with his creative design abilities coupled with the technical. In the early days of, he would create the design, craft audio, then build code for the engine that made it all work. He’s also one heck of a project manager as he understands all the steps that need to happen in a process. Hard-working, always learning—a great personality.
— George Brown - Manager of Publishing Technologies, Highlights for Children

interactive content

The internationally renowned children's publisher has been delivering quality products and publications for nearly a century. I directed the web and interactive content team, delivering hundreds of activities, animated stories, thousands of web pages, and countless hours of enjoyment for kids.

Hidden Pictures

This visual acuity activity has been the mainstay to the Highlights brand since the beginning of the publication. Beyond the brand inforcement, taking this revered game to an interactive state opened up an entirely new revenue stream in the form of increased subscriptions and app sales.   Play Hidden Pictures


Double Check

Find the differences between the pictures is another long-standing activity featured in Highlights that translated to interactive extremely well. Stringent testing helped determine functionality and game play.  Play Double Check

Square Off

A word-scramble that challenged a kid to solve the mystery of a twisted picture.  Play Square Off

Super Story Twister

This engine promoted reading by visually building a story using "stickers".   Play Super Story Twister

What's Wrong

A timed and tiered difficulty level visual acuity game with a simple premise based on the long-standing back cover feature of the magazine. 
Play What's Wrong

Picture Sudoku

A fun, kid-friendly version of the popular game that teaches the logic and game-play in a simple, intuitive interface.  Play Picture Sudoku.

Tic Tac Row

A next-level version of Tic Tac Toe that challenges kids to arrange objects in a grid based on commonality.  Play Tic Tac Row