Scott moved into his role as Vice President of Retail Creative at BuySeasons with a calm confidence and extreme enthusiasm that quickly rubbed off on his new team. I was constantly amazed at his caring attitude for those that worked for him, as well as his great ideas, backed by years of experience in the industry.
— Joanna Neff - Digital Content and Copy Manager, BuySeasons

team management

user experience / customer experience

Our user experience team focused on delivering excellent personalized high-value interactions while driving satisfaction and loyalty through operational improvements. The team applied a user-centered design approach regularly using an agile process. Thoughtful customer and competitor analysis and persona development, verifiable taxonomies, wireframe refinement and rigorous testing were benchmarks to UX success. On the operations side, overlapping this team with IT, design, site optimization, merchants and marketing teams resulted in dramatically improved communication, better speed-to-market, traffic to the site, and conversion.

design / copy / photography / video

The 12-person design team (which included copy and photo teams), under the direction of the creative director (a direct report to me) and a design manager moved to mobile-first, responsive design that adhered to marketing analysis on brand-voice that was gathered in collaboration with this team.  As a result, fun, natural imagery, true on-brand copy and messaging, as well as a distinctively defined style-guide, drove the design elements that carved the unique signatures of style for each of the sites.   

site testing and optimization

While part of Retail Creative, integrating this team with UX, marketing, and merchandising teams allowed us to employ A/B testing that gave us real insight into users' behavior and patterns. This resulted in data-driven decisions that had high levels of confidence for everything from UI to product manufacturing choices. 

©2016 Monetate Inc.

©2016 Monetate Inc.

project management and production

Realigning this team into the creative process began with extensive workflows of every process within creative, as well as every department with whom they interacted.  Conventional workflows were converted to graphic-friendly versions in order to easily communicate process without "workflow intimidation". 
The process flows identified areas of needed improvement in communication, timing, and inefficiencies. Addressing these areas of improvement reduced overall operating expense and significantly benefited the bottom line.


product development

While ranging from seasonal paper products through interactive websites, apps, ebooks, I have built and directed talent for product development teams throughout my career.  This would include needs analysis, workflow assessment and reengineering as needed, vetting and selecting talent, and employing testing and continuous improvement throughout the processes.  Through these processes, I am able to forge new communications channels between stakeholders and the product development team to ramp up product speed-to-market and minimizing change requests at the merchant level. My direction of product development teams has the primary objective of delighting customers to the mutual benefit of the company and the individuals responsible for developing that product.